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How to Flavor Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest options of many health conscious people today. In fact, a lot of them even invest in heavy duty yogurt makers (see our top picks for Yogurt Makers) to guarantee they are eating clean and safe yogurt. Since more and more health buffs have decided to make their own healthy meals for their diet, tips on how to flavor homemade yogurt are readily available.

Sometimes, the plainness of the yogurt is the reason why many people give up dieting. They find their diet food boring and tasteless. There are so many easy ways to flavor homemade yogurt. There different flavors you can make, as well. Below are some helpful tips to add excitement to your yogurt. These tips come with easy-to-follow recipes too. Read on!

Many Different Options to Flavor Homemade Yogurt:

#1:Make your Yogurt Sweet and Simple

When we say simple, they you only need the basic recipes and steps to make a sweet, healthy yogurt. Do you want to know how? Simple! To reproduce or make the same famous commercial yogurts available in the market today, just add a spoon filled with fresh fruit or jam. Begin with a tablespoon for every cup and make some adjustments with the taste

#2: Pour in Mashed, Pureed or Mashed Fruit

Some of our favourite fruits to add include berries of any kind, banana or peaches. Just make sure they are ripe enough in order to get the best results. You can also pour in fresh fruit juice in this step.

#3: Mix with Jelly, Marmalade or your Favorite Jam

A little less healthy than #2 due to the added sugar, but it’s also really delicious!

#4: Add a Sweetener

Add maple syrup, sugar, honey or whatever healthy sweetener you have in your cupboard.

#5: Add 2 to 3 Drops of Extracts

Some of the ones we recommend are those such as peppermint, lemon, coffee, or vanilla. You may also add root beer or coffee flavoring syrups for flavor extenders.

One Last Tip for Homemade Flavoured Yogurt!

We have one more tip for you. For the less guilty feeling when you make homemade flavored yogurt, choose vanilla or strawberry. They are less sweet and a lot healthier than some of the other alternatives. To add strawberry and vanilla flavors to your yogurts, you need the following:

Homemade Vanilla-Flavored Yogurt:

1 quart homemade yogurt
2 teaspoons gelatin (unflavored and softened in cold water)
2 tablespoons,vanilla extract
4 tablespoons sugar

Homemade Strawberry-Flavored Yogurt:


1 quart homemade yogurt
1 tablespoon gelatin (unflavored and soften in cold water (1/3 cup))
2 cups strawberries (whole, not sliced; it can be fresh or frozen)
4 tablespoons sugar

 If the strawberries you’re using are frozen, be sure to have them measured before thawing them.

A Few Last Tips Before You Go!


  1. Be sure to have a yogurt maker. If you don’t have one, consider this Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker, easily available on Amazon. It’s our top pick for yogurt makers.
  2. There is an incubation period for the yogurt so you have to patiently wait for it. Here’s a tip: the longer you leave incubating at the right temperature, the thicker it gets. For best result, the best incubation period is about 8 to 12 hours. Or better yet, leave it overnight.
  3. Gather all the containers you have to keep your finished yogurt. More often than not, the yogurt maker bought from the store comes with canning jars and plastic containers.
  4. When you have the ingredients with you, combine them all and mix in blender. Set your blender on high speed for up to two minutes. Make sure all ingredients are well combined.
  5. Put the blended ingredients inside the containers and jars. Cover them and leave inside the fridge for approximately 3 hours. After refrigerating, your yogurt is ready.

It really is very easy to flavor homemade yogurt. Try it out today!

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