How to Clean a Waffle Iron: The Easy Way

Here’s How to Clean a Waffle Iron


Kids love waffles! They love experimenting with toppings just to make their favorite waffles more delicious (Need a Recipe? Check out our Basic Waffle Recipe here). This is the reason why a lot of parents invest in a high-quality waffle maker. And since this kitchen gadget is something homemakers use frequently, it should be managed properly. One way of proper management is to know how to clean a waffle iron. It’s not enough that one washes it with soap and water. There are cleaning materials appropriate for appliances like this.

It is not enough too, that you wipe the waffle iron with soap. There is also a proper way to clean it. Here, we teach you and all the waffle maker owners the proper way on how to clean a waffle iron. We’re also giving some tips and tricks so as to avoid damaging their equipment.

Don’t do this When Cleaning a Waffle Maker:

  1. Don’t clean the waffle iron while hot. It has to cool completely.
  2. Don’t dunk the entire machine in water. This can cause serious damage to the electrical components of it.
  3. Don’t use steel wool, abrasive or scouring pads for cleaning. This can damage the finish of it.
  4. Don’t use any pointed object or even a knife to clean the waffle iron.

As earlier mentioned, there are specific cleaning materials for waffle irons. Usually, these are indicated in the manual that comes with the machine.

Here’s How to Clean a Waffle Iron: 


  1. Remove any puddle of oil using a dry paper towel.
  2. Using an old toothbrush or soft-bristled kitchen brush, brush away the crumbs.
  3. Remove the batter that’s stuck into the iron using a rubber spatula.
  4. If the batter is still stuck on the iron, remove it by putting some cooking oil and setting the ‘baked’ on. Wait for 5 minutes until the batter softens. When it does, wipe the batter off using a cloth or a paper towel.
  5. To avoid long-term buildup of oil or staining, wipe down the baking irons using a paper towel or damp cloth.
  6. Make sure the waffle iron is dry before storing it.

To clean the exterior, wipe the handle and housing well with a damp paper towel.

Two Helpful Tips to Keep your Waffle Maker Clean:


  1. Avoid coating the baking plates of the nonstick waffle maker with cooking spray. If the waffle maker manufacturer indicates in the packaging that its plates are nonstick, they truly are. Therefore, you won’t need the oil other than for cooking the waffles.
  2. Never use soap to clean the baking plates. Soap is most of the time, an enemy of any nonstick surface. This is when you need the oil. Oil can create a thin layer to help maintain the nonstick feature of the waffle iron.

All About Waffle Makers:

While these are helpful tips, it is still best to consult the user manual that comes with the waffle maker. And for those who have not invested in waffle makers yet, now is the best time to get one. Forget about the hearsay that waffle irons are difficult to use, manage and clean. Now that we have taught you how to clean a waffle iron, everything will be easy for you now from cooking the waffles to cleaning the machine! Check out our Top 5 Waffle Makers for 2016 and see which one suits your waffling needs.

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