Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press Review

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The Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press is a high-quality, 1500 watt nonstick panini press made of stainless steels that has a high rating on Amazon with more than 250 reviews. It heats up very quickly and has a scratch-proof surface so that you can use it for years. It’s available on Amazon.

There is a locking hinge with 4 height settings so you can grill sandwiches of any width. It’s large enough to cook 2-3 sandwiches at one time. The bottom is flat to allow for faster, even cooking while the top is ridged to give the sandwich those all-important grill marks. You can also use this panini press open-faced and the flat surface allows you to cook things like pancakes and french toast with ease. See: Panini Press Recipe for some ideas on grilled sandwiches.

The Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press is Available on Amazon:

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The Specs on the Breville Duo Panini Press:

breville-duo-nonstick-panini-pressPeople that like the Breville Duo Panini Press are Saying Things Like: 

“Love the floating hinge adjustment. It’s easy to make sandwiches of any thickness.”

“No fuss and no mess to make some delicious tasting sandwiches. I love this thing!”

“It heats up really quickly and cooks evenly. It’s gained a permanent spot on my counter.”

Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press Negatives: 

The Takeaway on the Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press: 

Overall, the Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press is a very good product that is a cut above the cheaper panini presses on the market. It’s a nice combination of grill (flat surface) and panini press (ridged surface) which allows you to cook a wide variety of foods including sandwiches, burritos, pancakes, french toast, eggs, etc.

It’s extremely durable and should last you for years, even with consistent use. Breville is a trusted name in this space and has a reputation for quality products.

The only complaints about this product are similar to other panini presses, namely the lack of on/off switch or temperature setting and non-removable plates which can make cleaning a bit of a hassle. For a more expensive panini press, these things really should be included though so perhaps this one is a miss.

Compare Panini Presses

Two cheaper panini presses that are also highly-rated to consider instead of this one are:

The Cuinsinart Griddler 

cuisinart-griddler-panini-and-sandwich press

Hamilton Beach Panini Press


Or you can get the Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press on Amazon Today:

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