Kitchen Gadgets for the Breakfast Lover

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is a serious breakfast lover. We all know that Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries come around faster than you want to and you’ll need an awesome gift to get this breakfast lover of yours.

If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. We preview our top kitchen gadget gifts for that breakfast lover. Coffee, waffles, blenders, yogurt makers and tons of other awesome breakfast kitchen gadgets.

#1 Kitchen Gadget for the Breakfast Lover: A Top-Quality Blender

If you know someone who is serious about their breakfast, they’ll need a top-quality blender. The cheap ones don’t have enough power to get the job done right. Plus, they seem to break every year or so and you’re always trudging to the store to get a new one. It’s time to step up your blending game and get a serious one. Here at Kitchen Gadget Reviews, we have two blenders that we recommend, the Vitamix and the Oster Versa.

The Vitamix

The best blender that money can buy is the Vitamix Professional Series. It’s a seriously powerful machine that is backed by a great warranty. If you want to crush ice, make smoothies (see our Green Smoothie Recipe), blend hummus or refried beans, make soups or do just about anything, this machine is capable of it. Breakfast lovers will love this thing, guaranteed!

See our Review of the Vitamix Professional Blender.

The Oster Versa

If you’re looking for a top-quality, powerful blender that is almost as awesome as the Vitamix, but a whole lot cheaper, then you’ll need the Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender.

It’s about 1/3 of the price as the Vitamix but has the same serious wattage. This means that it will crush up just about anything as good as the Vitamix will do. The biggest downside to the Oster Versa is how noisy it is! It will wake up just about anyone in your house, and perhaps your entire street if they have the bad luck to be sleeping when you want to make a green smoothie.

See our Review of the Oster Versa Performance Blender.

#2 Kitchen Gadget for the Breakfast Lover: An Espresso Machine

Here at Kitchen Gadget Reviews, we love coffee! In fact, the owner of this website (Jackie Bolen) is a serious coffee addict and can be found drinking it at all times of the day. Our favourite way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee is with a top-quality Espresso Machine. If you grind your own beans (see: Top 5 Coffee Grinders) and then use an espresso machine, it’s like coffee shop quality coffee at your own house.

Espresso Makers range in price from around $100 to $1000 or more. The ones you see in coffee shops are $2000 and up and are imported from Italy.

Check out our Top 5 Espresso Makers. We have a nice selection of our favourite, top-rated machines in a wide range of budgets. It’s sure to make that breakfast lover in your family so, so, so happy!

#3 Kitchen Gadget for the Breakfast Lover: Bread Maker

Nothing says “Breakfast Lover” than someone who enjoys fresh bread at breakfast. We love a nice loaf of whole-grain bread in the morning with butter, jam, Nutella and lots of other delicious spreads. The key is to make sure it’s still warm!

Our bread maker gets a ton of use. We throw the ingredients in at night, set it to start cooking a few hours later and then wake up to fresh bread in the morning. Amazing! If you want to enjoy the same thing for yourself, you’ll need to get yourself a bread machine. They are extremely reasonably priced and are also really simple to use. Used consistently over the course of a couple of months, you’ll have saved money compared to buying bread from the store.

Check out our: Top 5 Bread Machines article

#4 Kitchen Gadget for the Breakfast Lover: A Waffle Maker

For a special treat on weekends, nothing is better than waffles. Homemade waffles are so delicious. Our theory for how waffles are more delicious than pancakes is the surface area. Lots of crispy little pockets of awesome! Anyway, that’s a whole other post, so back to the task at hand-gifts for the breakfast lover.

We’d be pretty surprised if someone serious about breakfast didn’t already have a Belgian Waffle Maker. If this is the case however, you’d be doing them a huge favour by getting them one.

Check our this article: Top 5 Waffle Makers to help you choose the best one. And of course you should check out our delicious Belgian Waffle Recipe.

#5 Kitchen Gadget for the Breakfast Lover: A Yogurt Maker

Yogurt is one of those things that is way more expensive than it should be in the grocery store. However, it’s possible to make your own yogurt at home really easily and cheaply using a Yogurt Maker. I remember the first time I did, being surprised at how few steps there were to make some seriously delicious yogurt. Homemade yogurt is also healthier because you can control the amount of sugar or fake sweeteners that go into it. We prefer just adding plain fruit to our homemade yogurt.

For everything homemade yogurt, you’ll need to check out our Top 5 Yogurt Makers.

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