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Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet Review


The Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet is considered a best-selling cookware on Amazon today. This product has a special heating feature that cooks food quickly and perfectly.

Additionally, the thick coating protects this cast iron skillet from the occurrence of rust. This means an extremely durable pan that will last for years.

For such a low price, this cooker can perform in the kitchen as if there are more than one cast iron skillet are cooking. With its large size, a homemaker can cook more eggs, sausages or burgers at the same time.

This allows everyone in the family to enjoy meals without waiting for his turn to be served. What make this cast iron skillet a bestseller are its dual pouring lips that drain fat. Certainly, this is a cookware for serious cooks!

The Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet is available on Amazon:

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The Specs:

Lodge-Enhanced-Cast-Iron-Skillet-ReviewPeople that Like the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet are Saying:


“I didn’t mind paying the higher price for a pre-seasoned piece which is a bonus for a skillet of this size.”


“I love this skillet; great purchase at a great price! It arrived perfectly seasoned; no hassle to get it that way.”


“I bought this pan specifically for making fritattas. The pan works great for that purpose. After cooking veggies and then pouring in the whisked eggs, I place the pan in the oven for 5 minutes.”


“I bought this specifically for making my homemade pizza. I just discovered that baking pizza in a cast iron skillet yields wonderful results, whether one preferred thick, or thin crust.”

Drawbacks of the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet:


Takeaway on the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet:

Are looking for a piece of cookware that can help you prepare meals for your family worry-free? Then, what you need is the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet. This kitchen item is something you and your household will benefit from for many years.

What’s best about this cast iron skillet is that, it comes with a lifetime warranty to keep you satisfied all the time. This is cooker with many different cooking functions. You can fry just about anything in style! And, since it is a cast iron cooker, this skillet guarantees even distribution of heat.

More so, the heat stays excellently for constantly fresh and best-quality meals. Lastly, it is so easy to maintain the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet. You can imply clean it by immediately towel-drying it, and applying a thin oil coating while it’s still warm.

Cook anything you want anytime of the day, hassle-free with this excellent-performing cast iron skillet. Go to the Amazon page now to purchase the Lodge Heat Enhanced Cast Iron Skillet today.

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