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SterlingPro French Coffee Press Review

The SterlingPro French Coffee Press is the number one best selling french press on Amazon and for good reason! It’s a serious 8-cup/1 L French press at a decent price. The unique design of durable/heat-resistant glass along with plastic ensures that you’ll make the perfect cup of coffee, every time as well as not hurt yourself during the brewing process.

Plus the unique double-screen system will ensure that the coffee grounds stay where you want them-not inside your coffee cup. This French press also comes with two extra screens so you can keep making delicious coffee daily, year after year after year.

Priced affordably, the Sterling Pro French Press makes an excellent gift for a coffee or tea lover. You can get this quality machine easily on Amazon today:

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The Specs:


People that Like the SterlingPro French Coffee Press are Saying: 

“Very well constructed and it makes a nice cup of coffee. I love this machine!”

“The double screen system ensures that no grounds or dust get into your cup. Love this thing!”

“Really easy to disassemble and clean. Makes a nice cup of coffee too.”

SterlingPro French Coffee Press Negatives: 

The Takeaway on the SterlingPro French Press: 

The SterlingPro French Press is a quality machine at a reasonable price. It has a few unique features that the true coffee-lover will appreciate. The double mesh system is unique among French presses and will help ensure that the grounds stay out of your cup.

While there are a few negative reviews on Amazon, they are very minor complaints and you’ll be happy with this French Press for years to come.

You can easily get the SterlingPro French Coffee Press on Amazon today:

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