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Top 10 Ways to Eat Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods of those on a diet. Tradition has it that Greek yogurt is commonly made from cow’s milk. The thick and creamy texture is what makes one determine yogurt from the other products made of milk.

Many health buffs prefer to eat this over the other yogurts. This is because it is higher in protein and lower in lactose and carbs. Greek yogurt is quite different from  regular yogurts. The former is more concentrated than the latter. According to food experts, the protein is left behind in the regular yogurt while it goes through the straining process.

More so, the whey has most of the calcium, carbs and sodium. Therefore, Greek yogurt is found to be higher in the said nutrients.

Since Greek yogurt is usually plain and unflavored, people love to eat it in different ways. Here, we present 10 exciting ways to consume this high-protein yogurt. The 10 ways to eat Greek yogurt vary in the toppings and add-ons put for breakfast or any meal of the day.

No. 1: Make it tropical

Put together 1 piece of cut-up kiwi and half (cut-up) banana in one cup of plain yogurt. Sprinkle the mixture with some unsweetened coconut flakes and unsalted roasted cashew nuts.

No. 2: Granola parfaits for healthier treat


Using a parfait glass, fill with alternating layers of the yogurt, fresh fruit and granola. For the topping, drizzle the parfait with a teaspoon of maple syrup if you desire a bit more sweetness.

No. 3: Fruit parfaits for a busy day outside

You need a pint-sized jar to do this. Prepare this the night before consumption. Fill the jar with alternating layers of yogurt and your choice of fruit. Cover the jar and refrigerate until breakfast. This is best to eat at home or outside during a busy day.

No. 4: Be creative with Melon

Use half a melon as the bowl. Fill it with a cup of yogurt. Top it with pumpkin seeds and berries.

No. 5: Healthy smoothie

Blend the yogurt, 1 cup of frozen berries and a teaspoon of honey (if you desire). Add granola or toasted nuts for the toppings.

No. 6: Peaches and cinnamon for more flavor

Prepare 1 serving of yogurt. Top it with dices of peach and finish it with some cinnamon powder and sticks.

No. 7: More energy with cereal


Top the Greek Yogurt with half-a-cup of cereal (or any of your favorite breakfast grains). Don’t forget to add a sprinkling of chia seeds.

No. 8: Stay alert with walnut

On top of your yogurt, drizzle some maple syrup and top it with toasted walnuts. This will help keep you alert and focused throughout your day.

No. 9: Be merry with cherry

Mash about ¼ cup unsweetened cherries (frozen and defrosted) with half-a-teaspoon of vanilla extract into 1 serving of yogurt. It’s deliciously tart and will wake you up in the morning.

No. 10: Go with avocado

Take away the pit from half of an avocado and top it with a spoonful of plain yogurt.  Drizzle some extra-virgin oil and add a pinch of salt, herbs and hot sauce (if you desire) for the toppings.

Even more Ideas for Delicious Homemade Yogurt

Aren’t you excited to try these 10 ways to eat Greek Yogurt? Here’s what’s more exciting! You can even make your own yogurt! Read our How to Flavor Homemade Yogurt article for even more ideas about how to make your homemade yogurt delicious.

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