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Easy Ways on How to Dry Fruit in a Dehydrator

Have you ever wondered how your fruit chips are ever made? Do you know that you can make your own banana or apple chips at home? With the use of a dehydrator, this is oh so possible! Don’t worry if you haven’t tried this. We will teach you how to dry fruit in a dehydrator. In this post, we teach you how to try five different fruits that you can dry with your food dehydrator. These include apples, strawberries, bananas, peaches and melons.

Before we give you the detailed instructions of how to dry fruits in a dehydrator, let as give you a few good tips first. It is best to dehydrate fruit of any kind between 125°F to 135°F. If it goes hatter than the given temperature, the skin may be too heard already. More so, that when drying fruits, be sure not to set your dehydrator at high temperature just to make the process faster. Here, read on and be sure to have all these fruits present in your fridge!


#1: Dehydrating Apples


You’ll need fresh apples for this. But if you have frozen apples, you can still do so but forget about the first two steps that follow:

  1.  Using your hand, peel the apples, then core and slice them. You can also use an apple peeler gadget.
  2. Put the sliced apples in a medium-sized bowl and spray some lemon juice abundantly.
  3. Arrange the fruits on your dehydrator trays. Be sure not to overlap the apple slices.Turn the food dehydrator on and set it at 125°F and 135°F. You may also check the instructions and recipes that come with your food dehydrator package.
  4. You can easily bend and break delicious apple chips when perfectly dried.
  5. Drying time may take between four to ten hours.
  6. Don’t forget to rotate the dehydrator trays to result in equal drying.


#2: Dehydrating Strawberries


  1. To dehydrate strawberries, use the fresh fruits. Wash the fruits.
  2.  For frozen strawberries, simply slice them after partially thawing them.
  3. Cut the top part off and cut them into ¼-inch slice. You may also opt to cut the strawberries in halves.
  4. Place the halved strawberries on your food dehydrator trays. Be sure to have the cut part upwards to avoid them from dripping or falling to the lower trays.
  5. Turn on the dehydrator and set it at a temperature between 125°F and 135°F. See the package instructions too, for your guide.
  6. Drying time for strawberries is from six to 15 hours.
  7. If you want your strawberries leathery and crisp, be sure to completely dry them out.
  8. Keep in mind that you rotate the trays for equal drying of the strawberries.


#3: Dehydrating Bananas


  1. Peel the bananas and slice them evenly. The slices should not be too thin or too thick. You may also opt to slice your bananas lengthwise if you want to make some banana cinnamon rolls later.
  2. Place the sliced bananas in a medium bowl and spray them generously with some lemon juice while gently tossing for even coating.
  3. Arranged your sliced fruits on the dehydrated trays. Be sure that the bananas don’t overlap.
  4. Turn on your dehydrator and set it at a temperature between 125°F AND 135°F. Check the package instructions too, for your guide.
  5. Be sure to fully dry out the bananas to achieve the leathery feel.
  6. Drying time for bananas is from six to 12 hours.
  7. Again, don’t forget to rotate the food dehydrator trays for evenly dried result.


#4: Dehydrating Peaches


If fresh preaches are available in your area, it is better that they’re fresh. However, you can also use frozen peaches. If so, just ignore the first two steps below:

  1. Wash the peaches.
  2. Peel the fruits if you opt to then remove their pit.
  3. Cut them into ¼-inch slices or halves. For fresh peaches, you need to pre-treat them by tossing the fruits in a medium-sized bowl and spraying generous amount of lemon juice.
  4. If you prefer your peaches in half slices, simply put them on top of your dehydrator trays.
  5. Be sure that the cut side is for the peaches not to drip or fall to the lower trays.
  6. Turn the food dehydrator on and set it between 125°F and 135°F for the temperature.
  7. Drying time for the peaches takes six to 16 hours.
  8. Don’t forget to rotate the food dehydrator trays to achieve even drying of the peaches.


#5: Dehydrating Melons


Our last in the easy steps of how to dry fruit in a dehydrator is probably the simplest. Here’s how:

  1. Peel a fresh watermelon or honeydew and remove the seeds.
  2. Cut it into ½-inch thick slices and spread the pieces out on the food dehydrator trays.
  3. Turn on the food dehydrator and set it between 125°F and 135°F temperature.
  4. Drying of the melons can take from eight to 20 hours. By this time, you’ll find your dehydrated melons crisp or pliable. If you want it for a longer-term palate pleaser, be sure it’s all dried-out.
  5. Don’t forget to rotate the dehydrator trays to result in equal drying of the melons.

These are only five of the many fruits you can dry using the dehydrator. Now that you know how to dry fruit in a dehydrator, it’s time to take out that kitchen from the box and maximize its function. If you don’t have yet, it’s best to invest in one now.

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