How to Make Beef Jerky in a Food Dehydrator

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How to Make Beef Jerky in a Food Dehydrator for Longer Lasting Healthy Snacks


Beef Jerky is one of the healthy snacks you can stock at home for a long time. You can store it in an airtight container for months and even years as the beef slices are dried for longer-term preservation. Beef Jerky is undoubtedly good for your health. It is a high-energy food treat that fuels you up and gets you ready for a very vigorous activity.

Are you on an intense workout or exercise? Then, the Beef Jerky is a perfect must-eat. Take out your food dehydrator that has long been waiting to be used and let us teach you how to make beef jerky in a food dehydrator.

Before we give you the easy to follow beef jerky recipe, we’d like you to consider some tips. First, your beef jerky should contain just a small amount of saturated fat. For this to happen, make your own version of this dried meat recipe at home.

This lets you manage your beef slices and the amount of sodium you use for drying the meat. This is why your food dehydrator is very essential. Now, we’re all set and ready to show you how to make beef jerky in a food dehydrator. Read on!


How to Make Beef Jerky in a Food Dehydrator

Some materials you need:

To prepare for dehydration:

Cut off all the connective tissues and fats from your meat’s surface. Using a plastic wrap, tightly wrap the individually and put them on a plate.

Freeze the wrapped meat until it becomes completely firm. Freezing may take about two hours or depending on how thick the meat is.

Get a piece of your meat from the freezer and simply unwrap it.

Slice each piece into ¼-inch thick and put it in a re-sealable food bag.

Leaving the bag open, add marinade or flavoring ingredients to your meat. Usually, flavoring includes one teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of water.

Seal the bag and press it out.

Marinate for up to six hours or depending on the flavor you prefer.

To dehydrate:


  1. Get your meat out of the bag.
  2. Strain the meat using a colander. Spread the sliced meat in just one layer on top of your food dehydrator tray. Before doing this, dry the slices using some paper towels.
  3. Line up the sliced meat on the drying racks of the dehydrator. Leave some ¼ inch for the space. Slice the drying racks into your dehydrator.
  4. Set your food dehydrator at 160°F. Dehydrate the meat for about four or five hours.
  5. Transfer them to your airtight container. You can preserve the beef jerky for up to two months at room temperature.


If you don’t have a food dehydrator yet, now is the time to buy one. We recommend that you buy the not-so-expensive one like the NutriChef Countertop Food Dehydrator.

At such a reasonable price, it is already full of features and it is very functional. With a food dehydrator, meat slices are not the only ones you can dry and preserve. Fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs are also perfect to dry and turn into chips with this high quality kitchen gadget.

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