iCooker Coffee Grinder Review

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Review of the iCooker Coffee Grinder

The iCooker Coffee Grinder is for individuals who still prefer the manual operation. Purely manual operated, this kitchen gadget is portable too that you can easily bring it anytime, anywhere you need it. This is so ideal when you’re planning a weekend getaway with your loved ones at a hotel.

Surely, the hotel has its own coffee maker and ground coffee beans. But, certainly too, you want freshly ground coffee beans. Since it is portable, the iCooker Coffee Grinder is so easy to put inside the luggage.

It is lightweight so it’s like not having equipment inside your bag at all. And though it is manually operated, this coffee grinder grinds fasts because, as we said, it is lightweight and easy to handle.

You’ll find this an ideal gift for a special person who loves brewing coffee at home. The dark color of this kitchen item matches your kitchen well, no matter what theme or motif you have.

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The Specs:


People that Like the iCooker Coffee Grinder are Saying:

“It’s so fancy! When this came in the mail, I couldn’t believe how nice and classy it looks!”


“I love this grinder. It is so easy to use, nice slick design, good quality material at a good price. This grinder is very compact and easy to set the grinding gauge to desired coarseness.”


“This thing is very easy to use and does exactly what I was hoping in that it gives me very coarse ground coffee for my cold brew system. Adjusting the grind is extremely simple and the entire unit is similarly easy to use.”


“The iCooker Coffee Grinder is incredibly easy to use. You can actually fill the top portion to the brim and then just grind what you need accordingly. It will last you about three cups worth.”

Drawbacks of the iCooker Coffee Grinder:


The Takeaway on the iCooker Coffee Grinder:

If you want to guarantee freshness of your coffee, be sure to grind your own beans.  You should therefore, invest in a high quality coffee grinder like the iCooker Coffee Grinder. What makes this coffee gadget different from the others is that it is portable so you can grind coffee beans anytime, anywhere you go.

It may be manually operated but it produces the same excellent coffee grounds that the electric coffee grinders make. The best thing about it is the reasonable price.  All you need to have this handy machine to have some delicious coffee every morning.

Grind coffee beans wherever you want with a gadget you can bring and carry around conveniently.

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