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Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker Review

The Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker is a top-quality pasta machine so you can make your own noodles at home. Save money and enjoy delicious Italian meals at your home at a fraction of the price as eating out.

The Cucina Pro Pasta Machine is an affordable choice. It’s durable enough that it should last for decades if looked after well. This top-quality pasta machine is made of heavy-duty chrome-plated steel (make sure not to immerse it!)

It’s capable of making spaghetti or wide fettucini noodles. You can also buy a separate attachment to make other kinds of noodles too. The major negative is the lack of comprehensible English instructions, however this isn’t a good reason not to consider this top-quality pasta machine.

The Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker is available on Amazon:

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The Specs: 

People that like the CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker are Saying: 

“This thing is built like a tank and I’m pretty sure that it will last my lifetime!”

“A very sturdy machine and an excellent buy for the money.”

“Sturdy, reliable and exactly what I expected in a fresh pasta machine.”

Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker Negatives: 

The Takeaway on The Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker:

Overall, the Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker is an excellent product at an affordable price. It’s reasonably user-friendly and you should be cranking out some delicious pasta in no time. This Italian made machine is heavy-duty, and should last for decades with proper care.

The major negative seems to be the lack of clear instructions. They are translated poorly from Italian into English and are not easy to understand. However, it’s easy enough to find directions online for making pasta with a machine so that’s not a reason to not buy this top-quality machine.

The Cucina Pro Imperia Pasta Maker is available on Amazon today:

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