Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker Review

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Review of the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker is one of the highest rated pasta makers available. It has an extremely high 4.7/5 star review on Amazon. It’s now easier than ever to make authentic, fresh pasta for your family at home. Save money and prepare restaurant quality meals yourself.

The Marcato Atlast Pasta Maker is an Italian-made pasta machine with chrome-plated steel. It has 9, easily adjustable thickness settings and a hand crank. A recipe book, clamp to attach it to your counter, as well as narrow and wide cutters are included. Attachments (sold separately) are available to make spaghetti, linguini and ravioli.

What sets this machine apart from the others is the “wellness” factor. The rollers and cutters are all free of heavy metals. The result is thatyou can be sure that no harmful metals are leaching into your dough. There’s also a 3-year warranty included, but people report this machine lasting for decades

The Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker is available on Amazon:

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The Specs on the Marcato Atlast Pasta Machine: 

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People that Like the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine are Saying: 

“My cooking class instructor recommended this one and I’m glad she did.”

“Easy to use and also really easy to clean.”

“It’ll last forever if you take care of (don’t immerse in water!)”

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Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Negatives: 

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The Takeaway on the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine:

If you’re looking for a high-quality machine to make your own pasta at home, consider the Marcato Atlas Pasta Maker. It’s the highest rated pasta maker on Amazon (4.7/5) and for good reason! It’s made in Italy, has a 3-year warranty and is an excellent product at a fair price. The company has been around for decades and knows how to make a serious pasta machine for serious home cooks.

There are almost no negatives to this machine. The negative reviews on Amazon seem to mostly be related to improper use of the machine as opposed to the machine itself. For example, getting the thickness of the dough wrong. The machine rolls the dough as thinly as you want.

Forget the cheap Chinese imitations that won’t stand up to years of use! Get yourself a high-quality pasta maker to begin with. Head over to Amazon to buy the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine today.

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