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Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Review

The Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is another bestselling bread maker of Amazon. For a cheap price, a baking enthusiast can enjoy this user-friendly kitchen gadget.

One needs not be tech savvy to operate a Hamilton Beach Bread Maker. Its three simple steps are easy to remember and follow. The user just has to add all ingredients, select from the 12 cycles, and press start to start baking.

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This small and easy-carrying bread maker is designed for the health-conscious person. It is very ideal for making home-made bread like the Gluten-Free Bread, for one, minus all the trans fats and preservatives.

One can also prepare a loaf of whole-grain bread to control the nutritional content of the bread his family is eating each day. What makes the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker interesting is that it comes with healthy recipes including the making of gluten-free to French bread.

More bread can be made with this bread maker as it has a 2-lb capacity of loaf which comes with 12 different settings to bake different bread. The settings comprise gluten-free, French, 1.5-pound express, quick bread, jam, whole grain, cake, and bake, among others. The settings are all designed to meet the taste preference and dietary requirements.

Bread Maker Comparison

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The Specs:

– with three easy steps
– designed for health conscious people
– package includes easy-cooking and healthy recipes
– with 12 different cycles


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People that Like the the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker are Saying:

“I’ve never owned a bread machine until this one as I had heard that only the fancy $200-300 ones worked well. Well this one works GREAT and it hardly breaks the bank.”

“I really enjoy using this machine. I recently discovered that I cannot eat wheat and am now using The Wheat Belly Cookbook as a guide for meals.”

“Works well and does gluten-free bread well.”

Drawbacks of Hamilton Beach Bread Maker:

The Takeaway on the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

For someone who is searching for an affordable yet feature-filled bread maker, the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a great choice. With 12 different cycles to make a bread, this user-friendly kitchen companion is very affordable on Amazon.

Ideal for individuals, and even families who have committed to start living a healthy lifestyle, the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker does not just guarantee fresh home-made breads all the time. It can also bake a loaf like the Gluten-Free Bread minus the trans-fat.

All brands have negative comments from the customers and this Hamilton bread maker is no exception to that. But who will go wrong with this user-friendly equipment which gives only three simple steps to bake a deliciously healthy bread?

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