Rival Electric Skillet Review: Is it the Right Kitchen Gadget for You?

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Rival Electric Skillet Review

The Rival Electric Skillet is a durable electric skillet with impressive user reviews. Many homemakers opt for this skillet to prepare delicious meals at home. Cooking lovers can prepare healthy and home-made dishes for their loved ones anytime they want.

Easy Viewing During Cooking

Cooking is made easy even if the user is not an expert. The Tempered glass lid with stay-cool knob offers easy-viewing of what’s cooking.  This electric skillet features an integrated steam vent, as well to trap heat and guarantee proper steam release.

Dual Function

It has a dual function, primarily as a skillet, and secondarily, as a buffet server. There is a special cool-touch feature for the handles. They are made as such to offer comfort and convenience for easy-transfer from one place to another. It’s perfect for those big family celebrations when time is tight and people are hungry!

Easy Cleaning

More so, there is no worry about cleaning it after use. The adjustable temperature control can be detached. Therefore, the whole unit can be immersed fully or washed in the dishwasher when the temperature control is removed.

Where to Buy the Rival Electric Fry Pan

The Rival Electric Skillet is available on Amazon:

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Compare Electric Skillets

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The Specs:


People that Like the Rival Electric Skillet are Saying:

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“I love this Rival electric skillet. It heats up really quickly and it’s the perfect size for two people. I also use it to serve something like hash browns if I have people over for brunch. The low setting keeps things warms, but it doesn’t burn.”


“It’s small, but a nice size for a motorhome or RV. I can store it away super easily when I’m not using it.”


“I love cooking bacon or burgers on this thing because clean-up is so easy. The surface has a nice, even heat to it and works well for eggs, or pancakes as well. I always wonder why I don’t use this thing more!”

Drawbacks of the Rival Electric Skillet:


The Takeaway on the Rival Electric Skillet:

The Rival Electric Skillet is an excellent kitchen gadget as a whole. People on amazon are definitely not recommending it if it’s not a top performer in the kitchen. With all the positive reviews, this surely is something to consider especially for those who have just started to build a family.

Multiple Uses in the Kitchen

You may want to consider a small electric frying pan like this one for cooking during holiday or big family celebrations when stove space is at a premium. Think about this. You can use this thing to cook up a whole batch of sausages or bacon for breakfast. Or, you could make stir-fried veggies in it for dinner.

No Separate Serving Bowl Needed

The best part? You don’t need a separate serving bowl. Just put this on the counter or table and people can serve themselves directly from there. For buffet style, keep it plugged in on the lowest heat setting.

Save on dishes! Who doesn’t love that?

Where to Buy one of the Best Electric Skillets

Hit the “buy now” button and be led to the Amazon page now to buy the Rival Electric Skillet:

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Electric Skillet Recipes

Do you need some ideas about what to make in your electric skillet? Here are five easy meals to consider trying out:

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Is it one of the best electric skillets? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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