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Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker Review

The Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker is a top-quality machine with a high rating on Amazon. Buying yogurt at the grocery store is very expensive, especially if you have a large family that eats yogurt every day.

It’s really easy and economical to make your own yogurt at home with a machine like this one. Priced affordably, the Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker will pay for itself in only a couple of months! Another benefit about making your own yogurt is that you can control what goes in it. No more sugary, chemical filled junk from the store for you and your family!

“My family loves homemade yogurt-I can’t believe that I didn’t get one of these things sooner.”

You can easily buy this top-quality yogurt machine on Amazon today:

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Compare Yogurt Makers

There are all kinds of yogurt maker available on Amazon. Check out this comparison chart below for all the options. Or, take a look at our Top 5 Yogurt Makers article.

Digital Display + Programmable Timer

The Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker is user-friendly with a digital display and programmable timer. With this feature, you can have yogurt ready whenever you want it.

It’s so easy to get it set-up at night, go to bed and wake up to fresh, delicious, healthy yogurt in the morning. Serve the yogurt with a bit of granola or toast and you’ll have a nutritious, well-balanced meal ready to go in minutes.

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The 8 cups come with lids for easy storage and everything can go in the dishwasher, making for easy clean-up. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so it really is a product you can trust.

The Specs:


Yogurt Making Tips

People that Like the Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker are Saying: 

“The directions are simple and easy to follow. The first batch came out tasting great.”

“Buy some extra cups so you can have yogurt on hand at all times.”

“It’s super simple and anyone can use it!”

Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker Negatives: 

The Takeaway on the Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker: 

If you’re looking for a yogurt maker that makes individual portions of yogurt overnight, the Aroma 8 Cup Digital Yogurt Maker is a good one to consider. It’s fully digital and contains an easy to use interface. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are new to making yogurt at home.

Some of the negative reviews mentioned that the small cups are quite hard to clean and that a big container would be better. If you’re looking to make bulk quantities of yogurt, consider the Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker (1 quart) or the Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker (2 quarts) instead of this one.

However, for those looking to make small, easy to store individual cups of yogurt with different flavours, this Aroma Yogurt Maker is a nice choice. You can easily get it on Amazon today:

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