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STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder Review

STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder Review

view pricesfull reviewsSTX International4 Star Average Rating
KitchenAid Food Grinder Review

KitchenAid Food Grinder Review

view pricesfull reviewsKitchenAid4.5 Star Average Rating
Della Electric Meat Grinder Review

Della Electric Meat Grinder Review

view pricesfull reviewsDella4.5 Star Average Rating
Weston Commercial Meat Grinder Review

Weston Commercial Meat Grinder Review

view pricesfull reviewsWeston4.5 Star Average Rating
Sunmile Meat Grinder Review

Sunmile Meat Grinder Review

view pricesfull reviewsSunmile4.5 Star Average Rating

Top 5 Meat Grinders for Your Practical Choices for Homemade Burgers and Sausages


Have eating and buying burgers from the fast food chains been exhausting your savings? Do sausages from the supermarket add up to your monthly grocery expenses? Surely, your answer to both questions is a bit ‘YES’. And if it is, you better think of possible solution to save your bank account and wallet…and health, actually!

Eating too much processed meats can be dangerous to one’s health. But, no! You don’t have to stop buying and eating these comfort foods. Just make them homemade! How? Own a meat grinder. If you don’t have one yet and you don’t trust your judgment when it comes to picking the right machine, let us help you. Our Top 5 Meat Grinders will help you choose the right equipment easily.


All the machines we have in the list are high quality, durable and have reasonable prices. They are all top of the line and bestsellers on Amazon. What’s good with having a meat grinder, especially the ones in our Top 5 Meat Grinders, you can make your homemade burgers and sausages healthier than the store-bought ones.

Substitute your pork meat with chicken or beat meat. And, sometimes, what make the products we buy from the store unhealthy are the seasonings and sauces they put to make them tasty. Grinding meat at home for your patties give you the liberty to choose and use your own healthier seasonings. Read on and see which among here suits our budget and preference in quality and features.

#1: KitchenAid Food Grinder


The KitchenAid Food Grinder is one of today’s bestselling meat grinders available. It has impressive features that make you feel confident when preparing food in the kitchen.

Certainly, our #1 in the Top 5 meat Grinders requires no expertise to come up with fresh and clean ground meat. It is easy to operate and it so convenient to clean, too. What’s god about this electric grinder is that, it does not cost that much so any homemaker, even those on a tight budget, can undoubtedly afford it.


The better news about this cost-oriented electric grinder is that, it has an attachment that lets you make homemade pasta, too. This is truly worthy to spend for because you need to spend more to buy pasta maker and make your own version of spaghetti noodles.

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#2: Della Electric Meat Grinder


The Della Electric Meat Grinder is one of the most durable meat grinders available today. Its stainless steel design assures you many decades of use with full satisfaction. You can count on it to guarantee clean and safe food preparation for your family.

This will help you avoid food spoilage because you’re the one grinding the meat for your meat dishes. You don’t even have to spend much for this. Our second best in the Top 5 Meat Grinders is a quality meat grinder and is definitely worth your money.

It is multi-purpose so you can do many things in one machine.  Meaning, there’s no need for you to buy another tool like grater as this gadget can do that for you.


It has a grinding plate that produces coarsely, finely or medium ground beef, pork or chicken. The attachments in this bestselling product are designed compact too, so you can conveniently store them when not in use. And the most important of all, grinding meat is easy and effortless using this kitchen product especially that it operates on 1400 watt power.

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#3: Sunmile Meat Grinder


If you have been tired of exerting all efforts to perfectly grind pork or beef and you still use the conventional huge knife and chopping board or butcher block for your ground meat, this one’s for you.


Our #3 in the Top 5 Meat Grinders is multi-functional as it can make not just ground beef and pork for burger patties and spaghetti sauce but sausages, as well. You’ll definitely love the tree sausage attachments that come with this product.

This means that you don’t have to spend for the pricey sausages from the grocery store because you can already make your own. It’s safer, more economical and even has better food quality. You won’t even have to sweat anymore because you’re saying bye-bye to manual chopping and grinding. This meat grinder is one of the easiest to operate machines you can buy today. In fact, you can even clean it effortlessly.

See: Full Review of the Sunmile Meat Grinder.


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#4: STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder


If you want to make sure that your sausage, meatloaf and burger patties are clean and safe to eat, make them homemade. And, if you don’t know how to make homemade burger, sausage or meatloaf, worry no more.

All you need is the STX Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder to make this happen. This high quality machine will let you grind your choice of meat excellently through its different cutting blades.  You don’t even need any expertise here as the grinder’s locking cap will protect your fingers from any danger.


For an amount worth spending for, our #4 in the Top 5 Meat Grinders is full of features. It has high, low and reverse speeds you can choose from. And for safer food preparation in the kitchen, this machine comes with a circuit breaker.

Whether simple ground beef, burger patty, meat loaf or sausage that you want to make for a homemade specialty, you can certainly achieve it with this top-of-the-line kitchen gadget. It has different stainless blades and grinding plate that let you choose among medium, fine or coarse meat.

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#5: Weston Commercial Meat Grinder


The Weston Commercial Meat Grinder is for individuals who often hold parties and events at home. It is also for those who have decided to do business at home by selling burgers, sausages and meatloaf. With this heavy duty machine, you are sure to succeed in his home-based business.

This does not need an ample amount to capitalize. You don’t even have to undergo any business training or seminar to make sure you’re doing it right. This machine alone, can already guarantee you food products that you’ll be proud to offer and sell.

See: Full Review of the Weston Commercial Meat Grinder.


This product comes with two stainless steel plates for medium, fine and coarse ground meat. You don’t even have to buy another machine for the sausage as this meat grinder has a stuffing funnel too. What’s even better is that, this food preparation mechanism is not just a practical choice, but a convenient must-have too. It has compact design so you can easily store it when not in use.


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