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Top 5 Rice Cookers for Different Cooking Needs

Who says only Asians can eat rice anytime at home? Now, whether you’re an Asian or not, you can already pig out on the rice dish you want at home, anytime you want. Invest in a high-quality rice cooker and carbo loading will be effective and successful.

Make every weekend special with grilled and barbecue dishes. They are more special when partnered with a cup of hot steamed rice. If you don’t have a rice cooker yet, let us help you pick the one that suits your cooking or eating needs and preferences through our Top 5 Rice Cookers.

Our best items in the list vary in features, prices and sizes. We have this variation for the kitchen gadgets to help you decide easier which one is the best. Whether you are living solo, just got married or belong to a big family, there is definitely one from the Top 5 Rice Cookers that’s best for you.

We have the small, compact and lightweight cooker for individuals who are always on the go and living solo. There is also a bigger rice cooker in our list designed for festive meals and generous servings of rice. Read on and pick your choice!

#1: Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker


The Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker is best for you especially if you are having a hard time managing your time between your household chores and work. Since the product is automatic, all you have to do is set it in your cooking desire and leave it to attend to you other mommy duties.

Cooking rice, steaming veggies and slow-cooking meat are now effortless with this high-quality rice cooker. Not only can you efficiently divide your time between work and household tasks but she gets time for herself too.

Because the rice cooks faster than the regular stove-top cooker, you can cook other dishes using the same cookware. It is easy to clean this highly technological rice cooker so you can easily cook another dish once the rice is cooked.

This cookware piece is multi-functional so any homemaker can steam fish and veggies, on top of the 20 cups of you she can cook with it.

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#2: Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker


The Panasonic Automatic Rice Cooker is one of the most affordable rice cookers available today. It is compact and so ideal for couples and solo-living individuals. Since it cooks about two to three (uncooked) rice maximum, this rice cooker doesn’t leave any room for spoilage.

You can cook rice just enough for you or a companion to finish. Not only does a regular rice eater will enjoy this. Even the Japanese food lovers will be happy with this kitchen gadget because of its ability to cook sticky rice for sushi.

Featuring a one-touch function, our 2nd in the Top 5 Rice Cookers automatically cooks rice. It shuts off by itself when the rice is fully cooked. You need no expertise to perfect this carb dish. All it takes is one press at the button and you’re good to go.

There’s no need to worry about the accurate measurement of the water either. This automatic rice cooker comes with a measuring cup for perfect cooking.

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#3: Tiger Corporation Rice Cooker


The Tiger Corporation Rice Cooker is designed if you are always on the go. It is a perfect must-have for you who have to rush for work but need to eat carbs to last a busy day. This is not the typical rice cooker as rice is not the only dish it cooks.


You can also cook rice and dish simultaneously with its synchronization feature. This means that, even if you are in a hurry, you can still eat a complete meal so you can attend to all your must-do’s for the day energetically.

Parents can already cook meals for their children to bring to school hassle-free.

By simply choosing the ‘tacook’ or synchro-cooking function, you can already cook rice and a main dish simultaneously. Other options in the cooking settings include the slow-cooking, plain rice and brown rice cooking. See: Full Review of the Tiger Corporation Rice Cooker.

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# 4: Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker


The Instant Pot Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker is you especially if you love to cook different dishes for all occasions.

As a cooking enthusiast, you will surely love this kitchen gadget especially that it is multi-functional. Meaning, it cooks many different dishes beyond just rice and steaming vegetables.

A lot of homemakers opt for this multi-cooker because it is a perfect companion when preparing a complete meal from appetizer to dessert. Whether it’s for special occasion or not, this pressure cooker is certainly a perfect must-have in every household.

Amazon proudly announces that our 4th in the Top 5 Rice Cookers is actually currently its No.1 Bestseller in the electric pressure cookers category.

Indeed, this multi-cooker can do many things in the kitchen. It can serve as an excellent slow cooker, pressure cooker and rice cooker, however one wants to use it. This versatile cooker may be a bit large in size, but it is undoubtedly easy to use with its one-touch control panel.

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#5: Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer


The Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer is our most expensive product in the Top 5 Rice Cookers. However, since it is one of the most popular brands in kitchen gadgets, we’re including it in our list.

This is a kitchen gadget for you if you are a modern cook. It has a digital feature that makes cooking rice easier and more effortless. Today’s homemakers are busy with so many things including their homework from the office, the household chores, and attending to the kids’ school projects and assignments.

Since this electric cooker is digital, everything is done in just one touch of a button. There’s no room for overcooked rice with this kitchen gadget because it automatically switches to ‘keep warm’ mode once the rice is completely cooked.

There are different menu options to cook rice and all you have to do is pick an option and press it. No need to lift the cover to check how long it still takes for the cooking to complete. The LCD displaying the timer already indicates the cooking status.

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