How to Make Fried Rice


How to Make Fried Rice Out of Your Leftover White Rice

Imagine this scenario: You open your refrigerator and see a big bowl of cold rice from last night’s dinner. What will you do? You always want your white rice steaming hot and warming it in the microwave won’t just do goo. You feel that heating cooked rice doesn’t achieve the same quality you get from the newly cooked one. Most of the time too, leftover rice easily spoil. In times like this, you’re left with no choice but throw the whole big bowl away! Wait! Don’t do it yet! Not just yet, until we teach you how to make fried rice and decide whether you’d still want to throw the leftover rice away.


Indeed, fried rice is something you can make in case you don’t finish all the white rice you cook the night before. If you’ve been eating the white grains, maybe you’re already familiar with this and you probably know how to make fried rice for breakfast the whole day. In the Philippines, fried rice is a famous breakfast dish that usually goes with fried dried fish or meat. Despite this, this popular morning eat is originally a Chinese dish. In an article by Chinese food expert, Rhonda Parkinson, fried rice (or Yangchow in China) s believed to have been “invented sometime during the Sui dynasty.”

Easy Ways to Make Fried Rice

There are many different ways of how to make fried rice. It depends on how you want to eat it. There’s no rule as to what ingredients to put because the most important base ingredient here is the pre-cooked or leftover rice. In our tips here, we give you five easy ways to make fried rice. It’s up to you if you want to strictly stick to the ingredients and procedures or add a little flavor to make the dish more exciting. Read on and learn how to make your own fried rice!


Small amount of peanut oil
Scallions, minced
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
Lean pork tenderloin or chicken
Fresh vegetables (your choice of broccoli, carrots, eggplant or zucchini; or all of them)
Cold leftover rice
Seasoning like low-sodium soy sauce, lime juice or oyster sauce


cooking fried rice



With the ingredients put in the fried rice, you can eat it as is or pair it with any fried dish. We have one great tip for you. If you want your fried rice to be perfect, be sure that your rice is pre-cooked and cold. We highly recommend that you invest in a rice cooker, particularly the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer. This guarantees you perfect rice dish which you can refrigerate later on when not fully consumed. You can get this Amazon bestseller at a reasonable price of $160.

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