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Top 5 Butcher Blocks for More Convenience in Food Preparation

Do you want to make your cooking and food preparation more exciting and interesting?  Then, don’t settle for the ordinary cutting board. Instead, opt for the heavy duty one. Buy a butcher block. This is sturdier, thicker and longer-lasting than the cutting board.

It is typically made of wood and a bit heavier to handle bigger meats and bigger amounts of cooking ingredients like vegetables, fruits and spices. If you don’t have any idea about butcher blocks, worry no more. Let our Top 5 Butcher Blocks help you decide which one will suit your kitchen and food preparation needs.

There are only two main factors we consider whenever we include items in our Top 5 list—their Amazon rating and price. It’s either we consider both or just one. Both are important gauges for us. Amazon rating is vital because this site is one of the most trusted shopping venues online when it comes to homing products.

Price, of course, is equally essential because we care much about the customers’ budget. In our Top 5 Butcher Blocks, we arranged the products according to their Amazon rating. But don’t worry, all five items are still so within your budget. Read on!

#1: Neet Organic Butcher Cutting Block


The Neet Organic Butcher Cutting Block is a high quality thick cutting board ideal for home use. You need not be very expert in cooking to experience the functions and impressive features of this kitchen product.

Anybody whose task is to prepare meals for the family or for a loved one is sure to appreciate and love this. Designed with all-natural organic material, this wooden butcher block is an all-purpose cutting board. You can cut, slice or chop anything including meat, poultry and vegetables.


If you still need some convincing about this product’s worth, you should no longer have a second thought. What makes this kitchen item undoubtedly worth buying is that is its price. With antibacterial element, this high scorer ensures clean ingredients in every food preparation. It is also eco-friendly and does not surely dull the knife.

Not only that. Cutting, slicing and chopping are not the only things you can do with this product. You can also use it as a serving tray or cheese platter during special occasion.

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#2: Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board


The Large End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board is a perfect must have if you base your judgment for purchases on Amazon rating. This product is one of the highly rated butcher blocks on the said website. It has numerous impressive features considering its affordable price.

To ensure your safety when cooking or preparing meals for your family, this heavy duty bamboo cutting board has a special no-slip mechanism. It guarantees no dull on knives and it makes slicing, chopping or cutting of ingredients faster and more efficient.


If you are living a ‘green’ lifestyle and all the products you use and consume are eco-friendly, this one is definitely for you.  The bamboo material guarantees you clean, fresh and zero-chemicals on food preparation all the time.

With a size just enough to put on the table or countertop, you can make sure that you won’t have space issues with this Amazon high-rater. And, since this butcher block is stylishly designed, it can also function as a display or home accessory when not in use.

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#3: Grizzly Workbench Top


The Grizzly Workbench Top may be categorized as a kitchen product. However, anybody who already has this is sure to agree that this is a home essential that perfectly suits any part of the area.

It may be designed primarily as a butcher block where you can cut, chop or slice big-sized meats or ingredients in large amounts but this works well in the living room and dining area, too. Picture frames, candle collections and books are only few of the many things you can nicely put on top of this workbench top. Breakfast nook is another brilliant idea, for this multi-purpose four-legged chopping slab.


Made of maple wood, our #3 in the Top 5 Butcher Blocks is a perfect gift idea too, for a loved one for any occasion. You will surely find your money’s worth for a very special present for someone so dear to you. Since the item is made of wooden material, you can guarantee many decades of service of this top. This is quite enough for the reason for one to really appreciate being given this as a gift.

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#4: The Mountain Woods Butcher Block


The Mountain Woods Butcher Block is yet another high quality kitchen gadget with an impressive rating on Amazon today. It is also one of the most affordable products in the cutting boards category.

You are sure to agree that this is worthy to spend for because of its promise of durability. Since it is made of wood material, this butcher block ensures you decades of satisfaction and use. And, because of its affordable price, this kitchen must have is a brilliant idea too, for all occasions. Any person celebrating his birthday, getting married, or having a housewarming will surely love a gift that’s truly functional and convenient to use.


At such a very low price, this wooden cutting block is designed super thick go ensure durability. It also has handles on the sides for easy grip and lift when in use.

With the features not all butcher blocks have, our fourth in the Top 5 Butcher Blocks doesn’t make any homemaker feel insecure in the kitchen. Anybody, cooking expert or not, can easily handle this user-friendly cutting board. See: Full Review of the Mountain Woods Butcher Block.


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#5: Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab


The Catskill Craftsmen Super Slab is one of the most convenient to use butcher blocks you can use today. With the impressive features it has, you’ll surely find your money’s worth in this kitchen product.


Manufacture in U.S., our last but definitely not the least in the Top 5 Butcher Blocks promises many years of cutting, slicing and food preparation service for your home. Its end grain has oiled finish so it guarantees not to dull your knives.

You don’t have to worry either, about your safety while slicing and cutting hard and huge major ingredients. This value-added food preparation must-have has finger slots so you can easily manage the cutting and slicing. This butcher block is reversible so there’s no ‘wrong side’ here, as you work in your kitchen.

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