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Top 5 Popcorn Makers for Theater Experience at Home



Have you ever dreamed of a theater experience right inside your home? Isn’t it nice to see yourself enjoying a grand time with the whole family while watching your all-time favorite movie? If your answer to both questions is a big YES, we have one great tip to make your theater experience complete and more exciting.

Invest in a high-quality popcorn maker for everyone to have that ‘theater feeling’ right inside the comfort of your home. Our Top 5 Popcorn Makers will make your movie-experience dream come true.

You need not have a big amount of money to enjoy homemade popcorn while watching films with your loved ones. The popcorn machines we included in our Top 5 Popcorn Makers are based on affordability, quality and features.

Read on and pick the one that suits your budget and popping preferences.


#1: Presto PowerPop Multi-Popper


Are you looking for a popcorn maker that’s not too heavy? Opt for the Presto PowerPop Multi-Popper. It is just enough for you to easily move this machine around the kitchen because it is lightweight.

This popcorn maker makes up to three-quarts of popcorn fast, as well, just enough for two to three persons to finish while watching their favorite movie or TV series. It doesn’t matter if choose the hybrid, gourmet or the white popcorn.

All that matters is, this Amazon bestseller can pop any kind of popcorn with theater quality in just less than three minutes.

We ranked the Presto PowerPop Multi-Popper our first in the Top 5 Popcorn Makers because it is the cheapest at just a little over $14. It is compatible with any kind of popcorn.

Whether you prefer the gourmet or regular popcorn, you’ll definitely achieve the same high quality and taste. With such an affordable price, this popcorn machine performs as if it costs expensively. So perfect for solo, double and triple eating, the Presto PowerPop Multi-Popper pops fast in more than two minutes.

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You can easily buy the Presto PowerPop Multi-Popper on Amazon:
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#2: Cestari Kitchen Popcorn Machine

Top-5-Popcorn-MakersOur second cheapest in the Top 5 Popcorn Maker, the Cestari Kitchen Popcorn Machine, is also highly rated on Amazon today. Its price is reasonable too, that a lot of popcorn fanatics choose it over other brands.

You just need less than three minutes to pop delicious kernels with this high-quality product. Popcorn machines like this are ideal for consumers to save more money and spend more quality time with their family.

Those who have already tried this popcorn maker have already attested that eating homemade popcorn with this equipment is a lot healthier than the store-bought one.

On top of the popcorn for microwave oven, kernels popped in this Microwave top-rater are surely healthier. Minus the oil, you can already cook gourmet kernels using the microwave popper. The popcorn maker is lightweight so you can easily move it around your kitchen. It is not that big too, so it does not consume too much weight wherever you position it.

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You can purchase the Cestari Kitchen Popcorn Machine on Amazon today:
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#3: Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

Top-5-Popcorn-MakersThe Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper is the No.1 bestseller in popcorn poppers on Amazon today.. A lot of households opt for this popcorn maker for its compact design.

You will definitely address issues on space with this kitchen gadget as it is lightweight and not too big. Put it on top of the kitchen counter or in one corner and this popcorn machine won’t consume much of the space.

For a long time now, the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper has been famous for its reasonable price. Certainly, this popcorn maker pops kernels without oil or added flavor.

Not only that. The popcorn machine makes popcorn faster than the microwave oven in less than 2-1/2 minutes. What makes most homemakers love this Amazon bestseller is that, it has almost no ‘unpopped’ kernels.

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You can easily get the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper on Amazon today:
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#4: Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper


The Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper is a high-quality popcorn maker for home cooking. It makes up to six quarts of theater-quality popcorn in only three minutes. What makes the popcorn excellently popped with this equipment is that, is its nonstick stirring mechanism.

This special feature makes the popping almost 100 percent, too. Not only that, this popcorn maker is made of durable aluminum pan with a clip-on cover. It has a wooden handle too, to keep the kernels cool and ready to eat.

Our fourth in the Top 5 Popcorn Makers is one of the most-purchased popcorn makers available in the market today.With only a small amount of money to spend, families can already enjoy quality movie time together over bowls of popcorn inside the comfort of their home.

This means parents need not spend extra for movie tickets and theater-quality popcorn.

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The Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper is now available on Amazon:
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#5: West Bend Electric Popcorn Popper


You don’t have to be a movie lover to appreciate a bucket of popcorn at home.  With a West Bend Electric Popcorn Popper at home, you can pop kernel anytime, whatever activity he does. Kids will be inspired to review their lessons, make assignments and complete their project while munching on some homemade popcorn.

Your whole family is sure to look forward to Friday and Saturday nights for movie time with popcorn and juice or soda to complete the fun viewing. In just five minutes, this popcorn popper can already make generous servings of popcorn. It can actually pop up to six quarts of kernels.


The West Bend Electric Popcorn Popper is one of the highly-rated popcorn makers on Amazon today.  Individuals who love to invite friends and relatives to their homes will surely find this product a perfect must-have.

It has features that make store-bought quality popcorn. Designed not-so-big and lightweight, this popcorn machine is a great attraction, too in the kitchen.

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You can easily purchase the West Bend Electric Popcorn Popper on Amazon:
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