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Top 5 Hand Blenders: The 5 Best-Performing Immersion Blenders

How would you like a hand blender that’s affordable and yet functional? Our Top 5 Hand Blenders for 2016 consists of top of the line hand blenders that are priced reasonably and yet they are feature-filled.

We chose the items which we feel will suit both your food preparation needs and budget. They are the ones you can trust for many years. Each of these blenders has special features that make it a bestseller on Amazon.

We already picked the 5 best hand blenders to help you not to get overwhelmed. There are so many kitchen items available online today. But Top 5 Hand Blenders in our list are the ones that outperform the others but are reasonably priced.

They are the bestsellers on Amazon today. These hand blenders are the most trusted ones of many homemakers, too! Read on and pick the right one for you and your family.

No. 1: Conair Cuisinart Hand Blender


The Conair Cuisinart Hand Blender is our No. 1 in the list of top 5 hand blenders because it is one of the most affordable on Amazon. The modern design and brushed chrome color of this item makes it a totally attractive product. You’ll be more impressed as this hand blender is a No.1 bestseller in the Hand Blenders category.

This leader in hand blenders is a combination of the classic and contemporary kitchen activities. It is classic for its manual operation. And yet, it’s modern too, with its one-touch feature.

This makes it easier for the user to blend ingredients effortlessly.

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No. 2: Hamilton Beach Hand Blender


Our 2nd in the Top 5 Hand Blenders is yet another best-selling kitchen product on Amazon. If you are always doing a major production in the kitchen when preparing meals, this is for you! It is easy to manage that you can use it many times in a day.

Those who already own it call the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender an all-in-one kitchen tool. They say it is a one tiny tool with so many food prep functions. Even if you are a working mom, you’ll find the Hamilton Beach Blender a perfect companion in the kitchen.

Because of quick blend and mix features, you can make meals at an instant. Chopping garlic, onions, herbs and nuts is effortless because this equipment is run by a 225-watt motor. This power kitchen product has a separate blending wand so mixing the ingredients is much easier.

Blending with this top-of-the-line cooking equipment can be done directly in the serving container or jar. This means a lot of savings and time and effort for the homemaker. You don’t need to use a separate serving bowl so, you won’t have to wash another dish as well.

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No. 3: Epica Heavy Duty Hand Blender


We included the Epica Heavy Duty Hand Blender in our list of best hand blenders because it is one of the highest-ranking kitchen products on Amazon. We are recommending this blender for its heavy duty features. It is designed for homemakers and cooking lovers who do multi-tasking at home.

The simple yet powerful features of this bestseller are what make it a perfect must-have for you and for those with so many roles in the family. Since this has multiple speed options, blending is made easier and faster.

This top of the line hand blender has different speed selections that allow you to blend different ingredients to make different meals. Blending for soups and mashed potatoes is not the only function this blender can do. It can perfectly blend fruits for all-day smoothies, too.

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No. 4: KitchenAid Hand Blender


Of the 5 items in the Top 5 Hand Blenders for 2016, the KitchenAid Hand Blender may be one of the most expensive. However, we can guarantee that it is worth its price. This is such a user-friendly product, not to mention lightweight for easy-bringing. It weighs only 2 pounds so you can carry it around the house.

This kitchen gadget is so perfect for blending veggies and fruits. So, if you are health-conscious, this is an ideal blender for you. You can even start convincing your kids to eat veggies with your freshly blended thick soup.

Many cooking enthusiasts prefer this product because of its impressive features. This affordable price is offered with free shipping. The KitchenAid Hand Blender is so unique! Unlike the other hand blenders with just 2 speeds, this one has 3! You can blend ingredients, crush ice, chop nuts, puree fruits and veggies, and whisk eggs using the appropriate speed.

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No. 5: Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender


Our last but definitely not the least in the Top 5 Best Hand Blenders is also a star in the kitchen. The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is so versatile that it can do multi-function.

Even those who are not expert in the kitchen prefer this because it is easy to use. This kitchen tool is elegant in its brushed stainless steel housing. The measuring beaker guarantees perfect result because of the exact measurement of the solid and liquid ingredients.

Certainly, the ability to manage a mixture of various tasks can turn one into a culinary expert in the kitchen. You are sure to prepare dishes effortlessly with the push-button control for instant blending.  The versatility of this hand blender is what makes it a favorite in the kitchen.

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  • Jenny A. says:

    I personally prefer to use bigger blenders like a Vitamix. These small ones are a bit useful for doing something like soup, but they have a limited range of uses and I much prefer the far more powerful ones.

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